Dayton Diode Wiki


  • Review ground rules
  • Check-in
  • Reports
    • Treasurer
    • Lockpicking Workshop recap
  • Prioritize To-do list for 2011


What do you want to learn? What can you teach?

Learn Teach


welding hacking groups
Jason welding circuit bending
Rick welding
Josh micro-controllers welding
Greg networking protocols leaving! : - (
Dean programmable logic controllers
Joe soldering / micro-controllers / robotics



Roughly neutral cash-flow for the month. Seven members paid prior to / at the meeting. With the $70/month insurance and one member moving to Albuqurque next month, expect cash-flow to start trending negative.

J. still needs ~$30 to cover costs on the work-benches. Suggested that the next project be funded up-front so he doesn't go out-of-pocket. The next project will be a long narrow table with storage shelving along the wall for the drill-press / chop saw / table saw area.

Lockpicking Workshop[]

Fun was had by all. People were impressed with the professionalism of the presentation. We got some locks and picks donated to the group so we can all practice.

Priority List[]

  1. Infrastructure
    • improve the usefulness of the space
    • planning
    • acquisition
    • organizing / space layout
  2. Classes of membership: student / friend / sponsor at a lower monthly rate than full member
    • what benefits do the new member level recieve?
  3. Fundraising
  4. Increasing Membership
  5. Policy stuff
  6. Budget for the year
  7. Events
    • workshops
    • open-houses
    • hackathons
    • competitions
  8. Getting the word out / videos online
  9. Meta-meeting: how do we conduct business / process stuff; online decision making
  10. Advertising on the website for revenue / branding