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Short description:[]

Address: 1409 Business Center Dr

Contact person: Tracy Rutherford with The Beerman Realty, 937-222-1285 x 121,

First Impression: OFFICE/FLEX SPACE AT A GREAT RATE (Dayton)

1200-2400 square feet of office/flex space available at the Linden Business Center. Located at 1403 Business Center Ct., this space is visible from State Rt. 35 along side Linden Avenue. It is close to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and Downtown Dayton. The owner is offering flexible lease terms and the space is available immediately. Call Tracy Rutherford with The Beerman Realty Co at 937-222-1285 x 121 for more information

update: 30 Nov 2010- I contacted Tracy Rutherford and got the following details: $7.5/sq ft/yr ==> $750/month. The landlord may be willing to negotiate (a little) if we take the space "as is" even though there is not much to improve (maybe new carpet if we want). This space also requires a 1-year lease.

Site Visit (12/3/2010):
Saw a 1200 sq ft space that has two rooms plus a half bath. One room is a large front office space (suitable for "clean" projects), and the other is a high ceiling shop-like space with a single car garage door and heat. This space typically rents for $950 a month and requires a 1 year lease. Tracy indicated that the owner is willing to go down to $700 a month and she believes she can create a lease that includes a "right to terminate" clause, which would allow DMA to terminate the lease if we disband (which would hopefully let DMA be comfortable with this space if we choose it). Note, utilities are not included, so the $700 is not the total cost. There are also plenty of parking spaces in front and behind the space.

Be sure to take a look at the map link from the address. The space is just off of 35, making it very easy to get to from almost anywhere in the area.

Location Evaluation Criteria:[]

(priority) Requirement:[]

(circle one)[]


(6) Utilities included (electricity/water)


metered, electric and water, switched into our name

(6) Climate controll (heat/AC)

yes front area both heat & AC, heat only in the back

(4) Bathroom

yes 1 in the front

(4) Convenient parking


(4) Access, 24/7


(priority) Option:[]

Subjective (circle one)[]


(2) Centrally located (ease of commute)

Good enough Kind of Near 35 between smithville and woodman

(1) Kitchen area

Kind of Not at all there is a janitor sink in the back

(0) Partitionalbe (clean/messy space)

Yes, very yes, Pictures show separations

(0) Connectivity potential (internet)

Yes No AT&T and Time Warner offer service

(0) High cielings

Yes, very as seen in pictures below

(0) Big doors

Yes, very as seen in pictures below

Insert pictures here:[]


Clean Space


Dirty Space


Bathroom and nook


Parking behind garage door

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