Dayton Diode Wiki

Business Meeting Agenda: UPDATE - Due to weather, meeting moved to February 3, 2011[]

New location! 1001 East 2nd St, Building 100 Unit 2080

6:30-7:00 = Social Time/Meet and Greet[]

  • Sign up new members
  • Existing members pay dues

7:00-7:20 = Meeting Opening[]

  1. Ground Rules
  2. Check-in
  3. Review Agenda
  4. Five Minutes of Fame(?)

7:20-8:00 = Business (in no particular order)[]

  1. Reports:
    1. Treasurer(s) update
  2. Open House Planning
    1. Manning the hackerspace
    2. "marketing materials"
    3. show and tell projects
    4. food?
  3. TBD at meeting. J has suggested one of the following
    1. Discuss and approve trial long term loans so we can get some more tools into the space before the open house
    2. Set priorities for upcoming business topics so we know where we want to put our energy for the next several months

END business meeting

Hack Time / Workshop[]

8:00-9:00 Space spraypainting

<put your ideas here>

Ideas for future meetings[]

  • Getting the word out
  • Space layout planning
  • Discuss Long Term Loans Form
  • Brainstorm and Prioritizing Business Meeting Topics
  • New membership class(es) - specific example: "friend" member class
  • advertising on the site
  • Decision making online and review of consensus policy (may want to consider making this review an annual event to make sure new members get the opportunity to see how it works)
  • Virtual meetings/broadcasting meetings on the internet