Dayton Diode Wiki

Business Meeting Agenda: January 4, 2011[]

New location! 1001 East 2nd St, Building 100 Unit 2080

6:30-7:00 = Social Time/Meet and Greet[]

  • Sign up new members
  • Existing members pay dues

7:00-7:20 = Meeting Opening[]

  1. Ground Rules
  2. Check-in
  3. Review Agenda

7:20-8:00 = Business (in no particular order)[]

  • Reports:
  1. Congratulations to the Space Search Team
  2. DMA Insurance update
  • Choose officers for 2011
  • (optional) 2011 planning
  1. "Marketing" Plan
    (where to put fliers: Engr council of Dayton, WSU & UD campus, DMA meeting, Techfest, and more?)
  2. Events and Actvities for 2011
    (Open House, Rube Goldberg ribbon cutting, Hack-a-thon fundraiser)
  3. Financial fall back position
    (what is the plan B if we continue with negative cashflow)

END business meeting

Hack Time / Workshop[]


Access and Physical Security (see link from J Simmons)[]

Mail box[]

Workspace benches[]

Other Ideas for improving the space's livability[]