Dayton Diode Wiki


Joe ran this meeting.


  • Check-in: what project has inspired your work lately?
  • Ground Rules: standard
  • Agenda review


  • Space Search committee
  • Insurance
  • Treasury


Elect new officers, discuss finance and marketing.


Mailbox, security system, energy harvesting


Those that checked-in (and some "just visiting"):

  1. Joe
  2. Josh
  3. Greg
  4. Rob
  5. Jason
  6. Rick
  7. Dean
  8. Graham
  9. Gladys
  10. Wynn
  11. Chris



  • Space search: successful!
  • Insurance: will be signed tomorrow morning (Wed, 5 Jan 2011), can start handing out keys/combos
  • Treasurer: about $800 in the bank; burning fast since some of our regular dues payers were out of town this week


  • Officers: Greg gave a brief overview of the duties of Dayton Diode officers
  • Jason and Joe volunteered to stay at their posts for another year, Josh volunteered to take Greg's place as treasurer, this was affirmed by the membership

Financial Fall-back plan[]

  • need to set a "knock it off" threshold, when the bank account falls to this level, we tell DMA to terminate paying for the insurance, and we vacate the space
  • may need to consider rasining membership fees
  • might need to charge an "application fee" for new members
  • make a wiki page for financial fall-back plan


  • Open house
  • flyers
  • brochures
  • business cards
  • what's the "value proposition"? what does membership get you?
  • Groups to contact / do a "what is dayton diode" pitch for:
    • Engineers club
    • Schools: Wright State / UD / AFIT / Sinclair
    • Various DMA SIGs
  • need a better web presence, several folks mentioned that finding dayton diode (on the web or in meat space) was difficult
  • t-shirts


Discussed security system / access control. Josh brought a little barebones linux box to donate to Dayton Diode with Zoneminder installed to use a basis for a hackerspace monitor. Suggestions for temp / humidity sensors in addition to web / network cameras. Graham brought a little energy harvesting circuit which pumps out the millivolts (not so sure about the Watts yet though).

Several members adjourned to the hallway to play with the old frieght elevator and meet our cool neighbors, who were working on their Zombie Art.