• Check-In
  • Ground Rules
  • Reveiw Agenda
Insurance UpdateEdit
Path Forward on Insurance IssueEdit
Checking Account UpdateEdit
Path Forward on Checking AccountEdit


  1. Rufus Walker
  2. Jason McDougald
  3. J. Simmons
  4. Jason Sanders
  5. Joe McKibben
  6. Dean Shrickel
  7. Greg Moran
  8. Ken Phelps
  9. Tyler *.*


Start: 6:54PM


Hacking Projects Involving Outdoors?

Ground Rules:Edit
Agenda Reveiw:Edit
Insurance Update:Edit
  • No real progress
  • Problems with email communications may have been to blame

Path Forward on Insurance Issue:Edit
  • Resend example Hive13 insurance info to Nancy, Gladys, and other DMA board members
  • Proposal for members of both groups to form a committee to spearhead insurance search process
  • Consensus on proposal reached
  • Plan lunch meeting to propose to DMA

Checking Account Update:Edit
  • SIGs responsibility to set up account
  • Must be a business account

Path Forward for Checking Account:Edit

Greg will set up a time for neccesary members of DMA and Diode to create account

Proposal to start collecting dues:Edit
  • Agreed that the full $50 would be excessive at this time
  • Proposed "Founding Members Class" be created at the cost of $25 a month
  • Paying of these dues makes you count in the consensus process
  • Consensus on proposal reached
  • Dues for those interested are due for May's meeting

End: 7:54PM