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  • Check-In
  • Ground Rules
  • Reveiw Agenda
Insurance Update[]
Path Forward on Insurance Issue[]
Checking Account Update[]
Path Forward on Checking Account[]


  1. Rufus Walker
  2. Jason McDougald
  3. J. Simmons
  4. Jason Sanders
  5. Joe McKibben
  6. Dean Shrickel
  7. Greg Moran
  8. Ken Phelps
  9. Tyler *.*


Start: 6:54PM


Hacking Projects Involving Outdoors?

Ground Rules:[]
Agenda Reveiw:[]
Insurance Update:[]
  • No real progress
  • Problems with email communications may have been to blame

Path Forward on Insurance Issue:[]
  • Resend example Hive13 insurance info to Nancy, Gladys, and other DMA board members
  • Proposal for members of both groups to form a committee to spearhead insurance search process
  • Consensus on proposal reached
  • Plan lunch meeting to propose to DMA

Checking Account Update:[]
  • SIGs responsibility to set up account
  • Must be a business account

Path Forward for Checking Account:[]

Greg will set up a time for neccesary members of DMA and Diode to create account

Proposal to start collecting dues:[]
  • Agreed that the full $50 would be excessive at this time
  • Proposed "Founding Members Class" be created at the cost of $25 a month
  • Paying of these dues makes you count in the consensus process
  • Consensus on proposal reached
  • Dues for those interested are due for May's meeting

End: 7:54PM