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  1. Eric Hynla
  2. Lee Anderson
  3. Tom Drewing
  4. JJ Krull
  5. Jason Sanders
  6. Alex Van Atta
  7. Rick Glitz
  8. Joe McKibben
  9. Josh Stultz
  10. John Del Stritto
  11. Charles Rockett
  12. Joel
  13. RJ
  14. Angus
  15. Ken Phelps


Treasurer Report

Lockpicking Class

PechaKucha Presentation / Computer User Group Presentation

Diode Property


Treasurer Report:[]

July 31 -1751$

Today - 1219$

A/C is an extra 16$ a month. 474$ total rent.

Internet is up and running. 30$ a month.

12 Members.


No answer from Hive13.

Date for Brainstorming on presentations?

ACPUG - Englewood Holiday Inn - Sept 16

Our talk is on Sunday st 10AM. 1 hour long.

Volunteers for Presentation agree to meet on Friday to do some work.

70$ for conference.

Lockpicking Class:[]

Proposal to do another class from Pick Locks.

Basic Class and/or Advanced Class

Proposal: Weekend of Sept 28th. 2 hour long for basic. All in attendance reach consensus. 30$ cost for event. 20$ goes to Pick Locks and 10$ goes to Diode.

Rockett volunteer to advertise for event and head up the event.

Diode Property:[]