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Meeting Agenda: August 4, 2009[]

6:30-6:50 = Social Time/Meet and Greet[]

6:50-7:00 = Presentation by Tess Cortez re: WSU Gallery Event[]

7:00-7:20 = Meeting Opening[]

  1. Review Ground Rules
  2. Check-in
  3. Five Min of Fame

7:20-8:00 = Business[]

  1. Review work from last meeting
  2. Topic 1: Prioritize Action Items - Simple beauty contest of the Action Items from the last meeting. Each Action Item will go up for a vote of priority, most votes equals highest priority. Note, each person will be able to vote for up to 3 items.
  3. Topic 2: Begin work on governance (time permitting) - Joe had some material he wanted to present to the group regarding governance. Assuming there is still time after setting priorities, we will use this material to open a discussion about governance.

Note from J. - I usually like to give business topics at least 30 mintues to work through. Given the feedback from the last meeting about wanting some time each meeting for hacking related work, I would recommend most meetings be limited to one business topic. I am suggesting an exception this time, because I believe we can do a rough sorting on priorities with a pretty quick process (listed above), which would leave some extra time to work on business.

8:00-8:15 = Recap of 100th Anniversary of Engineers' Club (Mark M.)[]

8:15-9:00 = Hack Time / Study Group / Workshop[]

Food & Beverages :[]

Joe - Klondike Bars