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Dayton Diode meeting[]

8 - 4 - 09[]


Meeting opening Check in 5 Minutes of Fame Business: - Review last meeting - "prioritize" actions items - Governance


Check in question.

- Friends       - College engineering students       - contact of business friends other work company workers

Prioritize Action Items

Each member where given 3 dots to put up on the poster board to see which items is the most important to them. The one with the most dots we would talk about and focus on.

  1. of dots action items
2                    incorporation
6                  getting a space
2                    tools
4                    governance
2                    fundraising
4                    membership/ responsibilities
3                    finding new members
0                    security
4                    costs / budgets

Getting a space - had the most dots.

-  DMA club/ space - can be short term - 6 months to a year
-  Space can be donated
-  Nonprofit or not / government money
-  501C3
-  Ask other colleges for space / pres. or dean of engineering
-  How many members can fit in that space?
-  How big we want our space?
-  Where can the space be located? Downtown vs. else where

The Space[]

If we get a space, what do we want in it?

- Electric / 120 or more volts / Heat/ A.C

- Wireless

- Good Parking

- 24/7 access

- Work benches

- Tools? "Tool crib"

- Personal storage

- Refrigerator / kitchen

- First aid

- Computer

- Location? Downtown vs. Elsewhere

- Clean work area

- Dirty work area

- Quiet space / Lounge

Other notes

How to get contact information/ emails with out putting it on the website -to other members?

More about using tools / borrowing

Next Meeting Time: September 1, 2009. Meetings will be held every first Tuesday of the month. The next meeting is also being held a C} space.

For that meeting will try to do a project demo. If you have a project that you want to do, just add it to the wiki.

In Attendance:[]

Sign in sheet for 4-8-09

Brandon Makley

Kevin Carter

Jason Mcdougald

Tess Cortés

Chris Dickman

Joe Mckibben

J. Simmons

Dean Schrinkel

Gary Turner

Here’s something you might be into, it comes from Tess Cortés PowerPoint.

If you like art with a little twist like, using LED, optic fibers, and electronics from children toys, light and other things- that will turn into amazing art. This is for you.

Wright State Sunday, Sept. 13, 2:30pm, M252 CAC free artist lecture, reception to follow in the Stein Galleries it startes on September 13 and goes on till October 18, 2009.