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Short description:[]

Address: 900 Brown St

Contact person: Brent Lansberg, 513-621-0700, <email?>

First Impression: <written description, 250 words or less>
<price> $525,000 for sale... or $18.50 sqft, net lease -

<square sootage> 2400

<building type> pharmacy

<room dimentions>

<street level?> yes


...near UD campus and directly accross the street from Miami Valley Hospital

Location Evaluation Criteria:[]

(priority) Requirement:[]

(circle one)[]


(6) Utilities included (electricity/water)


(6) Climate controll (heat/AC)


(4) Bathroom

yes 2 bathrooms (M/W)

(4) Convenient parking

yes lots of parking

(4) Access, 24/7


(priority) Option:[]

Subjective (circle one)[]


(2) Centrally located (ease of commute)

Good enough

(1) Kitchen area

(0) Partitionalbe (clean/messy space)

Yes, very large open area with private offices and rooms in the back

(0) Connectivity potential (internet)

Yes No assumed

(0) High cielings

Yes, very Good enough Kind of Not at all unknown

(0) Big doors

Not at all

Insert pictures here:[]

IMG 4211small

Brown and Oak

IMG 4212small
IMG 4213small
IMG 4216small

This one has a drive through

IMG 4214small

adequate parking

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