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Dayton Diode is Dayton, Ohio's Makerspace[]

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Makerspaces/Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on projects - like art, hardware, electronics, robotics, and fashion. It is also a place to learn, work, teach, and collaborate on technologies, art, music, and community.

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What's new[]

The CNC Router is up and running. There are still quite a few things to add such as home and limit switches, E-STOP, and getting it on the network. Shortly, we will be organizing classes to people wishing to get a crash course on the machine layout, Tooling, XYZ coordinates, and an overview of the LinuxCNC software. Afterwards, we can try and schedule a date for classes on CAM software to learn to convert your drawings into machine language to cut some parts.

New Space![]

Dayton Diode has moved to new and larger location! 660 Milburn Ave. Dayton OH, 45404.  Come by during our open hours to see the new space and to find out what your Dayton area Makerspace has to offer!

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660 Milburn Ave. Dayton OH, 45404


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