Dayton Diode Wiki


  1. J Simmons
  2. Jeff Opt
  3. Ken Bailey
  4. Charles Rocket
  5. JJ Krull
  6. Neal Strobl
  7. Max Leper
  8. Rick Glitz
  9. Megan Imel
  10. Lizi McKibben
  11. Joe McKibben
  12. Adrian
  13. Joshua Stults
  14. Dean Shrickel
  15. Ken Phelps


Treasurer Reports:[]

$2382 in the bank.

February, March, April Rockett will not be at meeting.

Old US bank account is closed.

DMA is asking for a treasurer report

Bit coin payments is a work in progress


Strawpole on proposed budget numbers looked promising

How do we allocate discretionary funds?

J Simmons drafted a beauty contest/stubstarter process/policy document. And presented to the group.

See this link:

All reach consensus on the proposal to use the stubstarter process to allocate discretionary funds, except for Ken Phelps who stood aside because of not being involved in the discussion.

2600 Request:[]

Max Leper is requesting 2600 level membership.

Proposal to have open hours on Tuesdays.

All in attendance approve of this request.