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  • Check-In
  • Ground Rules
  • Agenda Review


  • Treasurer
  • Insurance


  • Hackerspace Location Selection


  1. J Simmons
  2. Greg Moran
  3. Joe McKibben
  4. Jason McDougald
  5. Ron L
  6. Dean Shrickel
  7. Chad Snoke
  8. Josh Stults
  9. Bryan Fite
  10. Ken Phelps
  11. Jason Sanders


Start: 6:56PM

Check-In: What good thing has happend to you recently?[]



  • Total Assets = $1175.24
  • 2011 Budget categories made to match DMAs categories


  • DMA has committed to an early January "turn on" date for the new Gem City insurance coverage


Hackerspace location: (select-a-space) search team report and decision:

  • Reviewed the criteria used when looking for potential spaces
  • Round robin discussion about the groups preferences
  • overwhelming support for Front St space (even though no units are currently available) due to cost, ease of changes (by just moving between units), and location
  • Determined other monthly costs are insurance (@ $115/month) and internet (@ $60/month?)
  • NOTE - early group project needs to be a security system of some kind
  • Discussed upper limits on monthly rent at Front St given only 10 members, note, over $325 and income will not meet costs (but reserves will cover for half to a full year)
  • dues remain set at $50/month
  • discussed empowering a group of three to work with Front St and make final space selection based on monthly budget and previously established criteria
  • Final Proposal: Dayton Diode authorizes J Simmons, Joe McKibben, and Chad Snoke to follow up with Mourty at Front Street to rent the cheapest "nicest" space that meets our needs for $300-500.
    • Consensed on: 6 thumbs up, no stand asides and no blocks

Other Issues:[]

  • January agenda topics (potential):
    • Hackerspace policies (usage, storage, equipment loans/donations)
    • New officer positions: 1) DMA representative, 2) Facility Manager, 3) Treasurer
    • Finding a sponsor (to help with funding)
    • Brainstorming ways to increase membership
  • The group was in agreement that basic membership duies will be increased to $50/month

End: 8:22 PM

Laser Scanner hack[]

...and other meeting pics

2010-12-07 20.55

Chad's sweet deal laser scanner purchase (note red light=powered up

2010-12-07 18.57

can't have a meeting without flipchart

2010-12-07 18.59

December meeting at Joe's place

2010-12-07 19.04

December meeting at Joe's place