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Address: 40 S. Main St

Contact person: found through Downtown Dayton Partnership

Second Visit (6th Floor Space Details):
Greg and I went back to get another look at the 6th floor space on Friday 12/3/2010. We discussed how the larger space could be cut down to the 900 sq ft quoted size. We would probably be looking at a space that is 47 ft x 19 ft and would be divided into two rooms (clean and dirty). Best guess is that we would have two 23 ft x 19 ft rooms in the space. We also saw the freight elevator (we would need to make arrangements to use it, but it is available for our use, and a large shared longue that would make a great meeting space during non-office hours. Note, there is a deposit of 1 month's rent due with first month's rent.


View of proposed space


Future Expansion Space


Alternate View of space


Greg in the Longue

First Impression:
Saw 2 spaces during initial visit. Space 1 is ground floor, street front space. It is 900 sq ft and they are offering it at $600/month on a month-to-month basis. The rent includes all utilities but not janitorial service. It is currently partitioned into a large open space plus 3 small offices. This may be something we could change, but that is not completely clear. The ceilings are somewhat high, and the space is larger than it appears Pictures will be posted below. (19 Fourth Street (15’ x 60’ = 900 SF) $600 Monthly)

Space 2 is on the 6th floor. It is a very large space (probably over 2000 sq ft) that the property manager is willing to cut down to a 900 sq ft space (at the property's expense, not ours) at the same $600/month month-to-month as the street front space. Again utilities are included but not janitorial. This space has windows (offering both a view of Dayton and an opportunity to create venting if needed). There is a freight elevator so larger item/projects should be able to be brought up. It is also more private, so less foot traffic, but also less of a security concern. The property manager prefers this option, as it would allow us to grow into additional space bu simply moving walls assuming no tenants move in adjacent to us.

Location Evaluation Criteria:[]

(priority) Requirement:[]

(circle one)[]


(6) Utilities included (electricity/water)



(6) Climate controll (heat/AC)


(4) Bathroom



down the hall

(4) Convenient parking



Lots of street side parking, adjacent garage, and next to major bus station

(4) Access, 24/7



(priority) Option:[]

Subjective (circle one)[]


(2) Centrally located (ease of commute)

Yes, very Good enough Kind of Not at all Pretty good by car, very good by bus

(1) Kitchen area

Yes, very Good enough Kind of Not at all It it probably possible, but would have to negotiate this separately.

(0) Partitionalbe (clean/messy space)

Yes, very Good enough Kind of Not at all Property manager is willing to repartition space for our needs

(0) Connectivity potential (internet)

Yes No Time Warner and Cinci Belle are options for providers

(0) High cielings

Yes, very Good enough Kind of Not at all may be able to remove ceiling tiles, need to ask

(0) Big doors

Yes, very Good enough Kind of Not at all freight elevator and can get property manager to replace single door with double door

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