Dayton Diode Wiki

  • Is there a machine shop? sort of 
  • What tools are in the machine shop? We have a large drill press you can use to cut metal 
  • Is there a wood shop?  Yes
  • How extensive is it? We have table saw, mitre saw, lathe, small drill press, hand tools, scroll saw,
  • Welding?  wire-feed 110V welder, gloves, masks
  • How big a casting can be made with equipment in the shop?  we don't know yet...
  • What metals can be cast with your equipment?  we've done aluminum, but other low melting point alloys are doable, iron and the like would require significant upgrades (to the space and the equipment)
  • Is there a facility for obtaining supplies on site? We stock consumables and some electronic components 
  • Do you have a 3d printer?  Yes 
  • What are its capabilities? 200mm x 200mm heated build platform. .5mm extrusion nozzle
  • Extrusion heads for chocolate or only plastic?  plastic (ABS & PLA), but chocolate sounds intriguing, tell me more...
  • Can it do vinyl?  we don't know
  • 3mm or 1.75mm?  3mm right now