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  • Opening
  • Announcements
  • SIG Update
  • Insurance Hunt
  • Sunset Decisions
  • Membership Agreement


  1. Joe McKibben
  2. Jason McDougald
  3. Jason Sanders
  4. J. Simmons
  5. Greg Moran
  6. Chris Dickman
  7. Dave Majors



Check-In Question[]

What is your favorite color?


  • Because of DMA is our parent organization we should consider looking at also becoming members of the DMA. Membership cost is $25 a year.
  • February DMA meeting topic is on the Arduino. If you have any projects involving the arduino you should consider taking it.
  • When we get our space we should get in contact with WYSO.
  • Check out, an all thing Geek exchange website.
  • DMA has some interest in re-evaluating it's insurance policy.
  • A possibility to have Dayton Diode be a topic at one of DMA's monthly meetings. Most likely after we get our space.

SIG Update[]

  • DMA was happy with the minor changes to the Charter that were made at last months meeting.
  • Still do not have SIG status because of issues with insurance.
  • Decided that SIG Liasion would contact DMA, to see if we could get SIG status approved with the understanding that we can not purchase a space or use a space until we have issues with insurance worked out. Primarily so we can start some fundraising activities now.

Insurance Update[]

Hive13's Insurance policy details:[]
  • State Farm
  • $600 a year
  • $2,000,000 Liability Insurance
  • $1000 deductible
Dayton Diode Insurance Policy Brainstorm: (things to be researched)[]
  • Liability for Shop Environment
  • Renters Insurance
  • Event Insurance (may already be covered by DMA's insurance)
  • Would be most affordable if the policy was a rider onto DMA's existing policy
  • Benefits (Discounts) for members on insurance policy
  • Insurance per member or group like AOA
Insurance Research Commitee:[]
  1. Chris Dickman
  2. Jason Sanders
  3. Greg Moran

Sunset Decisions[]

Meeting location, time, format, and frequency.

It was decided to stay with our current set up, and address the issue again in three months. Unless it was alright with Angus Blitter if we used the PacketWars space, then the location might change.

END 8:30PM

HackTime = Rube Goldberg brainstorming[]

Link to Rube Goldberg ribbon-cutting project page