Dayton Diode Wiki


  • Joe McKibben
  • JJ Krull
  • Rick Glitze
  • Brent Kerlin
  • Rick Burner
  • Brian Cheatwood


Storage Cube Rentals Discussion:

  1. Should reimburse whoever puts them together and purchases materials if not purchased by Diode.
  2. Yearly Rental fee...
  3. $20 a year for each cube.
  4. Should label box for each person.
  5. All in attendance consence on proposal for Storage cube rentals

Selling old 3-Phase compressors:

  • Test to make sure it works.
  • Sell on Craigslist, Ebay
  • Put money towards purchase of better compressor.

Discuss with Rodney about electricity and getting more drops made.

  • More 120 Drops down each pillar.
  • Is 3 Phase possible.