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  1. Joe McKibben
  2. Pat Craig
  3. Eric Hnlya
  4. Elizabeth McKibben
  5. Ken Bailey
  6. J simmons
  7. Rick Glitz
  8. JJ Krull
  9. Joshua Stults
  10. Max Leper
  11. Charles Rockett


  • Treasurers Report
  • Elect Officers
  • Logo Request
  • New Space?


Treasurer Report:[]

13 members with 3 being 2600 for a total of $578 income for the month of December.

EOM December cash on hand: Bank Acct: 2329.83 PayPal:   0.00

Projected Expenses: January 2014 Rent: 462.00 Insurance 70.00 Meetup: 12.00 Internet: 34.95  Total: 578.95 (This stays the same every month till summer)

Reserve for future Expenses: Meetup: 24.00 (second month of six to keep in reserve) Total: 24.00 (Accruing on a monthly bases. Next payment of $72.00 is on June, 12, 2014.)  

*** Stub Starter *** "Discretionary Income = Previous Month's Total Income - Previous Month's Total Expenses" 0 = 578 - 578.95

*** Internet *** Using the Dayton Diode Check Card, I enrolled in AT&T auto-pay. This results in Dayton Diode no longer having to reimburse Charles Rockett for paying the Internet bill. 

Proposal for adding to the Active List:

  • Radio Spectrum Poster - Rick
  • Couch Project - Max
  • 3D Printer Build - Ken - $525 (Approved for Active List)
  • CNC Router Power

Elect Officers[]

Volunteers for Positions:[]

Facilties Manager-

  • Ken Bailey

DMA Representative-

  • Ken Phelps volunteered by the group. Conditional on his acceptance.


  • Charles Rockett

Proposal to make above list the officers for the year of 2014.

No questions or concerns.

All in attendance reach consensus on Proposal.

Logo Request[]

J Simmons requests use of Dayton Diode logo on Shepard Stand Wiki on behalf of Mach 30. 

The group thinks this is ok.

New Space?[]

Observation that the space is getting filled.

Ken Bailey took a look at some new spaces.

Two spaces available on Keowee St. 1800 sqft and 3600 sqft

Utilities included. 1 Year Lease preferred.

Straw Pole to explore new space. Everyone in attendance agrees this is agreeable.

New Space Questions:

  • Utilities included (electricity/water)
  • Climate control (heat/AC)
  • Bathroom
  • Ground Floor Access
  • Month to Month (3 Year History)
  • 3 Phase
  • Convenient parking
  • Access, 24/7
  • Centrally located (ease of commute)
  • Kitchen area
  • Partitionalbe (clean/messy space)
  • Connectivity potential (internet)
  • Details on Plumbing
  • High ceilings
  • Big doors
  • Ventilation
  • 501c3 Donation Tax Deductable
  • Parking Lot Pictures
  • Leak Fixed?
  • Ken and Rockett is willing to pay another $100 on top of there dues.

Asked to setup emergency meeting if necessary. Group agrees.