1. Joe McKibben
  2. Pat Craig
  3. Eric Hnlya
  4. Elizabeth McKibben
  5. Ken Bailey
  6. J simmons
  7. Rick Glitz
  8. JJ Krull
  9. Joshua Stults
  10. Max Leper
  11. Charles Rockett


  • Treasurers Report
  • Elect Officers
  • Logo Request
  • New Space?


Treasurer Report:Edit

13 members with 3 being 2600 for a total of $578 income for the month of December.

EOM December cash on hand: Bank Acct: 2329.83 PayPal:   0.00

Projected Expenses: January 2014 Rent: 462.00 Insurance 70.00 Meetup: 12.00 Internet: 34.95  Total: 578.95 (This stays the same every month till summer)

Reserve for future Expenses: Meetup: 24.00 (second month of six to keep in reserve) Total: 24.00 (Accruing on a monthly bases. Next payment of $72.00 is on June, 12, 2014.)  

*** Stub Starter *** "Discretionary Income = Previous Month's Total Income - Previous Month's Total Expenses" 0 = 578 - 578.95

*** Internet *** Using the Dayton Diode Check Card, I enrolled in AT&T auto-pay. This results in Dayton Diode no longer having to reimburse Charles Rockett for paying the Internet bill. 

Proposal for adding to the Active List:

  • Radio Spectrum Poster - Rick
  • Couch Project - Max
  • 3D Printer Build - Ken - $525 (Approved for Active List)
  • CNC Router Power

Elect OfficersEdit

Volunteers for Positions:Edit

Facilties Manager-

  • Ken Bailey

DMA Representative-

  • Ken Phelps volunteered by the group. Conditional on his acceptance.


  • Charles Rockett

Proposal to make above list the officers for the year of 2014.

No questions or concerns.

All in attendance reach consensus on Proposal.

Logo RequestEdit

J Simmons requests use of Dayton Diode logo on Shepard Stand Wiki on behalf of Mach 30. 

The group thinks this is ok.

New Space?Edit

Observation that the space is getting filled.

Ken Bailey took a look at some new spaces.

Two spaces available on Keowee St. 1800 sqft and 3600 sqft

Utilities included. 1 Year Lease preferred.

Straw Pole to explore new space. Everyone in attendance agrees this is agreeable.

New Space Questions:

  • Utilities included (electricity/water)
  • Climate control (heat/AC)
  • Bathroom
  • Ground Floor Access
  • Month to Month (3 Year History)
  • 3 Phase
  • Convenient parking
  • Access, 24/7
  • Centrally located (ease of commute)
  • Kitchen area
  • Partitionalbe (clean/messy space)
  • Connectivity potential (internet)
  • Details on Plumbing
  • High ceilings
  • Big doors
  • Ventilation
  • 501c3 Donation Tax Deductable
  • Parking Lot Pictures
  • Leak Fixed?
  • Ken and Rockett is willing to pay another $100 on top of there dues.

Asked to setup emergency meeting if necessary. Group agrees.

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