Dayton Diode Wiki


Meeting Opening[]

  • Agenda Review
  • Ground Rules
  • Checkin


  1. Consensus on SIG Charter
  2. Appointment of Officers

Hacking Time[]

Rube Goldberg Discussion


Start 7:00 PM Attendance

  1. Jason McDougald
  2. Joe McKibben
  3. Jason Sanders
  4. J. Simmons
  5. Greg Moran
  6. Chris Dickman
  7. Ron Love (came after charter approval)


Most Hackable Christams Gift?

SIG Charter Review[]

  • Address Proxies? - Decided to adress at a later date.
  • 2 Facilities Managers? - Decided to be unnecesary.
  • Clarification - Facilities Manager position is a process oriented position.
  • Change Facilities Manager position to 1 year term? - Decided to change to one year term to correspond better with other positions.

All 6 in attendance came to consensus on the approval of the SIG Charter. 7:40 PM

Appointment of Officers[]

  • Jason Sanders volunteered to become SIG Liaison
  • Greg Moran volunteered to become Treasurer
  • Joe McKibben volunteered to become Facilities Manager

All 7 in attendance came to consensus on these appointments. 8:25PM

End 8:30 PM