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  1. Ken Bailey
  2. Brian Greenwood
  3. Eric Hnyla
  4. Joe McKibben
  5. Rick Glitz
  6. JJ Krull
  7. Alex Van Atta
  8. Gary Turner


  1. Reports
  2. Ohio InfoSec -


Treasurer Report:[]

Ohio InfoSec using space for monthly meeting[]

Proposal to allow Ohio Info Sec to meet our space for no cost. But Dayton Diode should be mentioned at meeting for donation. All attendance think this ok.

Things we want to get with the indiegogo campaign:

  1. Laser Cutter
  2. 3D printer
  3. Soldering Stations
  4. Oscilloscope
  5. Arduino Starter Kits
  6. Small Machining Center

Proposal to give Joe McKibben rights to run indiegogo campaign. All in attendance reach consensus on this.

DMA Dayton Diode Partnership: Possibly have storage space at Dayton Diode for DMA. Possibly waive our insurance payments for this.