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Committee Name: Dayton Diode


Intro Board

1. Meeting/ Admin

1.1 Getting to know people with similar interest is important. Members and potential members met new people and made new friends while things were being set -up to conduct a business meeting. Ground rules were set in place to ensure that the meetings keep moving forward.

1.1.1 Ground Rules: (1)Take care of yourself (2)We are on the same team (3)If confused, please ask

2. Check- in

2.1 At Check-in, the group introduced themselves to other members of the group and shared what types of projects that we would like to work on individually.

2.1.1 Potential Projects: RC aircrafts, 3D Fabrication, An artificial arm, Welding, Learning the Arduino sequence, Small parts casting, Solar cells/panels, AVR circuit board, A lie detector, Networking/PR, and UAVs.

3. “Five Minutes of Fame”

DSC 5004

3.1 An Arduino platform robot was the topic of discussion as J. McKibben presented his project. McKibben explained what an Arduino really is as well as what his particular robot was built to do.

4. Brainstorming ( Getting Dayton Diode started)

4.1 In the brainstorming session we discussed criteria for running our type of HackerSpace. Items that we discussed are, but not limited to the following:

4.1.1 Getting Incorporated, Getting a space, Deciding what type of Corporation to be, Deciding costs, Tools and Equipment, Security, Liability, Governance, P.R./Marketing, Membership rights and responsibilities, Finding new members, and Fund raising.

5. Discuss meeting types and schedules


5.1 The group discussed the types of meetings that we should hold in the future.

5.1.1 Meeting types include, business meetings, tutorials, training, show-and-tell, how-to’s, build sessions, outreach programs/open-houses, and study groups.

5.2 We took a vote, and majority rule is that all meetings will be held on every first Tuesday of the month, unless there are special cases, for example, a welding seminar. Our gatherings should be part business and part hacking. Monthly meetings should last only 2.5 hours, from 6:30PM to 9:00PM. The most important thing is that the group gets to do what it wants to do.

5.3 In 3 months time, we will review the meeting schedule.

Meeting Started: 6:50 PM

Meeting Ended: 8:30PM

Next Meeting Time: Tuesday, August 4, 2009. Meetings will be held every first Tuesday of the month. The next meeting is also being held a C}space.

In Attendance:

M. Carruthers

K. Carter

E. Cook

C. Dickman

J. Kramer

R. Love

B. Makley

M. Martel

J. McDougald

J. McKibben

J. Rowland

J. Sanders

D. Schrinkel

J. Simmons

C Snoke

D. VanHorn

P. Visscher