Dayton Diode Wiki


  1. Eric Hynla
  2. JJ Krull
  3. Charles Rockett
  4. Joe McKibben
  5. J. Simmons
  6. Ken Phelps
  7. Bob McTasney
  8. Alex VanAtta
  9. Kegan Hill
  10. John Del-Stritto
  11. Jeff Opt
  12. Rick Glitz


  • Check-In
  • Ground Rules
  • Agenda Review
  • Treasurer Report
  • Internet Discussion
  • Survey Discussion


Treasurer Report:[]

  • $1400 in Bank. $500 in Surplus. Making about $42 a month
  • 12 Paying Members
  • Lost 2 long term members
  • $462 for rent, $70 a month for insurance

Internet Discussion:[]

Time Warner Business Class:

  • $79 for a 5 year contract
  • $89 for a 1 year contract
  • Installation Fee? Info from Time Warner needed

Time Warner Residential:

  • $20 to $30 a month
  • Might not be able to convince them that we are a residential space


  • $34.95 a month for first 6 months, $51.95 a month after that
  • No Cancellaton fee, No moving fee
  • 6.0Mbps down, No bandwidth cap
  • 1 Year contract period

AT&T seems most promising. Can cover costs for first 6 months. We can always cancel when price goes up and also we may have more members down the road. Also, may be able re-negotiate.

Proposal: To choose AT&T as our ISP, contingent on prices provided above, we will provide DSL modem, also we will only accept a maximum $150 installation fee. Account should be under Dayton Diode subject to approval by DMA.

All in attendance reach consensus on proposal. Joe McKibben will continue work on this with the help of Charles Rockett with financials.

Survey Discussion:[]

Reminder pick your favorite 10 questions from the question list on wiki. Post on google group thread. 

Next meeting will be July 8, 2013.