Dayton Diode Wiki


1.      Joe McKibben

2.      Ken Bailey

3.      JJ Krull

4.      Brian Cheatwood

5.      Eric Hnyla

6.      Rick Glitz

7.      J. Simmons

8.      Dan Friedly

9.      Mark

10.   Charles Rockett

11.   Alex Van Atta

12.   Ken Phelps

13.   Mark G. Mills


Treasurer Report:

·        13 Total Members

·        $2189.22 in bank at end of May

·        New Monthly expenses add up to $866 a month

·        No Stub Starter

·        Lots of Donations

FacMan Report:

·        Take care of walls – getting help from neighbor – Front Street is going to basically pay for the labor of getting it done. Taping, mudding, and sanding drywall.

·        Internet will be fixed on Friday

Revenue Ideas:


·        Classes

·        Indiegogo Campaign – Crowdsourcing

·        3D Printing Services + other manufacturing

·        Draw in new members

·        Modeling Services

·        Contests w/ entrée fee

·        Vending Machine

·        Outside groups rent space for meetings

·        EBay old stuff

·        DMA possibly using space

·        Day passes

·        Traditional Pledge drive

·        Merchandise

·        Fundraising Event / Party

·        Donated Cars

Breakout Sesions:

1.      Indiegogo Campaign

a.      Talk to Quelab

b.      More likely to reach goal if less than

2.      Classes

a.      Find Curriculums so we don’t have to make ourselves.

b.      What to teach – 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, Arduino, RasbPi, STEM workshops

c.      Duration – Weekend/ afternoon, and Multiple night classes.

d.      How Much - $10 per course hour. Money up front for multinight-classes. Revenue split with teacher (approx. 30%)

e.      Invite other groups – Hardware Stores

f.       Start w/ 3D Printing classes

g.      Ask DMA for money.

h.      Use small space for storage

i.       Mark & J review curriculum

j.       Setup Class

k.      Teach

3.      Services

a.      3D Modeling – OpenSCAD & Sketchup

b.      CNC Machine – Wood & Plastic Parts

c.      PCB Prototyping and Soldering

d.      3D Printing – Not much capacity currently

e.      Programming

f.       Pricing under Market

g.      Tutoring – alternative to classes or add on to classes

4.      Vending

a.      Candy Machines - Rick has.

b.      Soda and Snack machines.

                                                    i.     Can also dispense electronic type stuff.

5.      Ebay Old Stuff

a.      Craigslist

b.      Define what we want to sell. Large items should be pickup only.

c.      Type Ebay to current Paypal account.

d.      New process for incoming donations

Moving Forward:

Meetup individually on:

·        3D Printing Classes

·        Create List for Indiegogo

·        Ebay old Stuff