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  • Ground Rules
  • Check In


  • SIG Status
  • Insurance


  • Insurance

Hack Time:[]

  • Arduino


  1. Joe McKibben
  2. J. Simmons
  3. Jason Sanders
  4. Greg Moran
  5. Angus Blitter
  6. Jason McDougald
  7. Dean Shrickel


Start 7:00

Check In:[]

What is one skill you have that you could possibly teach tothte rest of the group?

SIG Status Report:[]

  • Our SIG Status has been approved! Dayton Diode is now a DMA SIG
  • DMA Treasurer still needs to get our checking acoount set up, Greg Moran will contact
  • DMA wants to see the insurance info we got from HIVE13
  • We want the DMA website to be updated with our website, Squarespace Blog hosting will be shut down, will point to the wiki

Insurance Report:[]

Hive13 Insurance Policy info obtained

  • Property Insurance - $500 Deductible, $10,000 of coverage
  • General Liability - $2 Million Coverage
  • Umbrella Policy- $1 Million Coverage
  • Grand Total - $921 a year

Business: Insurance[]

Insurance Next Steps (Course of Action):

  1. Make digital copy of Hive13 Insurance Policy with Hive13 and provider info removed - Greg Moran [done - 3/4/10, -gm]
  2. Send to DMA (Grant, Glady, Jim) - Jason Sanders
  3. Follow up with DMA no later than April's meeting - Jason Sanders

All in attendance were in favor of moving forward with this plan.

End 8:00