Dayton Diode Wiki

May 1, 2012 Meeting Minutes


  • J. Simmons
  • Joe McKibben
  • Lizi Hayes
  • Bob McTasney
  • Charles Rockett
  • Rick Glitz
  • Eric Hynla
  • Shawn Garrett
  • Jason Sanders
  • Ken Phelps
  • JJ
  • John Del Stritto

Meeting Notes:



Rockett doesnt have access to account yet. Should be resolved Monday.

Have enough money to pay what we owe to DMA plus $42

Currently 14 Full Membership equivalents



Should Dayton Diode pay for it?

Josh currently pays for it.

Seems to be working well for us.

6 Months at $12 a Month.

3 Months at $15

1 Month at $19

All seem favorable to keeping it.

Proposal - Adpot Meetup as an Expense. Rockett to pay for 6 month block. ($72)

All in attendance reach consensus on proposal.


How to get internet.

Because of location can't get regular service. Have to get commercial service normally.

All in attendance liked the idea of getting internet, except for one stand aside.

Proposal – In June if income projections hold, then J will use donation from Shawn to buy hardware for internet access and set up account. And with help from Ken setup connection. And leave time for other members to test before trial period ends.

All in attendance reach consensus on this proposal.


Adafruit offers a special deal for hackerspaces. A hackerspace gets considered a reseller. 0 to 15% discount. Have to have paypal account on file. Orders have to be over $250. Bob can put up a catalog and setup a date to take orders by. Not a consensus issue.

Summer meetings

Should we have them?

Have had problems in the past with this.

Proposal to cancel monthly meetings during June, July, and August. Have ability to have special meeting. Not a consensus issue.