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There are two tiers of Hive membership. The first is a Full Membership, currently set at $50 per month. The second is a Elite Membership set at $13.37 per month. The Elite tier doesn’t get to vote and doesn’t get the access code to the door, but does get to pay the discounted rate for Hive13 events and classes. Full members get voting rights, responsibilities and rights the same as ours


$50 a month membership, Rights and Responsibilities generally the same.


We self-finance through membership fees ($80 per member/month with $40 "starving hacker" rate), beverage sales, and parties, the way European hacker spaces do it. We also welcome one-time or recurring donations from members and non-members alike. Donations and sponsorships will accompany renovation and equipment purchase. Within the first 24 hours of renting a space, we raised over $10,000 for a cool location and meaningful projects. Within our first month, we've nearly become cash flow positive from membership dues alone. Further discussion is happening on the Finances wiki page.


Members pay $50 per month to cover infrastructure costs and equipment purchases. R&R the same. Special stipulation of having o be sponsored by a current member.

Pumping Station One

$70 USD per month or $40 per month starving hacker rate. We also offer a 1 year membership for a one-time payment of $700. Starving Hacker Membership will give you 24/7 access to the hackerspace yet no rights to vote on the decisions that the organization makes or the right to run for office in the election on January 27.