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Short description:[]

Address: ???? N. Dixie Dr, (near Miller Ln.)

Contact person:

First Impression: $500 / 1500ft² - FREE air, heat & water !!! (Miller Ln. area of town)

Ground level - Basement - 3 room plus 20' hallway plus 3 other rooms plus shared hallway and shared restroom. Freshly painted. Bright fluorescent bulbs through out. Cold during the summer, cool during the winter. Cinder block building with no windows to break into. Very Secure! All 6 rooms are either 8'X8' or 10'X10' and in between. All you have to pay is the electric bill and that is around $60.00 a month and that is with all the lights on 6 days a week 8 hours a day! This will be ready to rent on Oct. 1st rent for the whole thing is $500 a month plus the electric bill and that's it! What a DEAL! This would be great for storage as it is climate control or a warehouse or a small business as there is plenty of places to park! Near the Miller Lane area of town on North Dixie Drive.

[I simply copy/pased craigslist content here. No additional contact made.]

Location Evaluation Criteria:[]

(priority) Requirement:[]

(circle one)[]


(6) Utilities included (electricity/water)



everything but electricity (posted as ~$60 additional/mon.)

(6) Climate controll (heat/AC)


(4) Bathroom

yes shared w other tennents

(4) Convenient parking

yes "plenty of places to park!"

(4) Access, 24/7




(priority) Option:[]

Subjective (circle one)[]


(2) Centrally located (ease of commute)

Good enough

(1) Kitchen area

Yes, very Good enough Kind of Not at all unknown

(0) Partitionalbe (clean/messy space)

Yes, very already divided up into 10x10 or 8x8 rooms

(0) Connectivity potential (internet)

Yes No unknown

(0) High cielings

Yes, very Good enough Kind of Not at all unknown

(0) Big doors

Yes, very Good enough Kind of Not at all unknown

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