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  • J
  • JJ
  • Ron
  • Ken
  • Rick
  • Eric
  • Rockett
  • Josh
  • Neal


  • Opening
    • Checkin
    • Ground Rules
    • Agenda Review
  • Reports
    • JJ's Rehearsal for November Presentation at Pecha Kucha on Nov 21, 2013
    • Treasurer Report
  • Discussions
    • Survey
    • Budget


JJ's Rehearsal[]

  • JJ's presentation was well received
  • He plans to start working on the slides soon and will have another full up rehearsal when that is done
  • JJ is going to look at using Google Docs to create the slides and J has volunteered to export them to PowerPoint

Treasurer Report:[]

  • 12 - Full Members, 2 - 2600 Member
  • October was in the black ($600 income, $579 expenses)
  • Looks like we might get up 2 new members
  • Cash on hand
    • Bank balance: $2247.11
    • Uncashed checks: $142
    • Available balance: $2105.11
  • Therefore we are over the recommended 3 months of expenses in savings!!!
  • Note, Meetup is due for renewal

Consensus Decision: Renew Meetup for 6 months @ $72 total

  • Clarifying questions
    • none
  • Concerns
    • Rick - if we buy more than 6 months at a time does the monthly rate decrease?
    • Rockett - (after checking the website), no, the max renewal period is 6 months
  • Call for consensus - all approved


  • On hold, Keegan was not present at the meeting
  • Will revisit in December, reboot it if necessary


  • Group generated list of monthly expenses then converted this to annual expenses
  • Groups generate list of annual income
  • See Draft Budget for details
  • Group discussed how to allocate funds beyond those required to cover monthly expenses (for things like new tools, projects, improvements to the space, etc); two options considered
    • Option 1 - traditional budget process: generate list of possible things to buy during budget creation and agree in January what things to fund (with possible revisit mid-year)
    • Option 2 - Monthly Beauty Contest: Members may propose new items (including a short description and a cost) to fund at monthly meetings, and each member gets N votes (where N is a small number such as 2 or 3) to show support for the top items in their opinion; the group then places their votes and each item receives N/sum(N) percent of the available funds from that month; when projects "earn" enough to be paid for, they are bought with Dayton Diode funds
  • The group showed interested in option 2 (Rick called it StubStarter, something like a KickStarter, but much small, like stubbing your toe instead of kicking something).  Group will finalize details of this option at the Dec meeting as part of finalizing the 2014 budget