Dayton Diode Wiki


  1. J Simmons
  2. Joe McKibben
  3. Lizi Hayes
  4. Chad
  5. Dean Shrickel
  6. Bryan Fite
  7. Josh Stults
  8. Shaun Garret
  9. Rick
  10. Jason Sanders + Baby
  11. Ronald Love
  12. Ken Phelps


  • Ground Rules
  • Check-In
    • What kind of housepet would you be?
  • Agenda Review
    • Treasurer Report
    • Funding Discussion


Treasurer Report:[]

  • $447 in bank
  • Burning about $60 a month

Blog Report:[]

  • Highest traffic in October
  • Effort has paid off
  • Meetup has about 18 members. Has its benefits.

Funding Discussion:[]

Monthly Costs[]

  • We have 3 or 4 months at current burn rate
  • $450 Rent,
  • $70 a month for insurance, $840 a year
  • $490 Total, $6240 a year
  • We really want internet
    • Aprrox $65 a month.
    • Yearly Contract Required.
    • Will need to raise money ahead of time
    • $7020 a year costs with internet

Funding Ideas[]

  • Cost Reduction
    • Ask landlord for Rent decrease
      • Josh can ask, worth a try
    • Insurance
      • Some discussion with DMA might help
      • Looking for insurance again may be able to find us a better deal
        • May be good from a organizational stanpoint also
    • Cost reduction may not be worth our time. Expenses pretty low already
  • Corporate Memberships
  • Sponsorships
    • Ohio InfoSec easily raised $10K a year with a few sponsorships
    • Membership kind of low to be really marketable according to Brian
    • Sponsors would expect the ability to recruit or advertise to potential customers
    • Or some would be willing just for the ability to help out
    • We need to put together a prospectus
      • Value to Sponsor
      • 1 to 3 levels
      • The Pitch!
      • Bryan Fite volunteered to put something together
        • Strawman prospectus for 10K funding drive. To be reviewed at next meeting.
          • Group reached consensus on this.
    • Potential Sponsors
      • Mendelson's
  • Leveraging our web presence
  • Grants
    • Would be great for capital equipment
    • Hard to get an operations grant
  • Earned Income
    • Training
      • $20 to $25
      • Building a class around a kit that you have to buy
      • Guided kit builds
      • Pre-Register, Non refundable
      • Could use Kickstarter
      • Call it a workshop, to start a Dayton Sumo Robot League
    • HAM Radio Class
    • Rent out space for meetings and small events
      • Would need a member to open up and watch over space
    • Bigger tools would make space more marketable
      • CNC laser, Plasma Cutter
      • Fundraiser to get equipment?
    • Arduino Class with Starter Arduino Kit
    • Advertising
      • Flyers at different places like Radioshack, Library, Boonshoft Museum
    • Certification Classes
    • Lockpicking Class
    • Crowdsourcing, Pledge Drive
    • Video for DATV
  • Summary
    • Class where you buy kit and you are helped to build kit and learn. Should be videotaped and spread across the internet. Looking at current trends Arduino would be a good class. Minty Boost would be cool too.
      • Should be prepaid and pre-register
      • Funds for parts and income
      • Topics
        • Arduino
          • We pick the arduino project. Something cool and marketable.
          • Requires more research
          • Should be at cost for Members
        • Minty Boost (simpler project)
        • TV B Gone


  • Find Arduino project to act as a fundraiser.
    • J will look at potential projects
  • Lockpicking Workshop
    • Joe will get in contact with him to see he would like to stop by again.
  • Sumo Bots
    • Talk to Boonshoft
    • J can contact Liz
  • Sponsorship Process
    • Brian will put together Strawman Sponsorship Prospectus
  • Make Blog Coverage
    • Need Content
    • Also magazine sales