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  • -Check In
  • -Ground Rules
  • -Agenda Review
  • -Make & Take @ Boonshoft
  • -Tech Edge Opportunity
  • -Budget Pt.1


  1. Joe McKibben
  2. Elizabeth Hayes
  3. J. Simmons
  4. JJ. Krull
  5. Dan Friedly
  6. Charles Rockett
  7. John Del Strito
  8. Joshua Stults
  9. Glady Champion
  10. Bob McTasney
  11. Bryan Fite
  12. Rick Glitz
  13. Ken Phelps


DMA Annoucement:[]

Christamas Party - Spaghetti Warehouse - $16.50 - 6:00PM - Raffle - Tuesday December 11 - Done by 9:00PM - Cash Bar - RSVP Deadline 2 days before event - Email & to RSVP

Treasurer Report:[]

$320 left in the bank. $620 Projected at end of month. Approx. 14 full members. Bank Account not switched over yet. Need another Diode member to act as a second signatory on new account.

Swap Meet:[]

Postponing for time being. Demilling seems to have been sucessful at slimming down bulk of scrap. Demilling Monday will continue.

Make & Take:[]

Want to buy 20 kits for event. Sell for $10 a kit. Noon to Six. $180 for all kits. Need to have liability forms on hand.

Proposal for Joe to pay for kits, then when Boonshoft reimburses Diode, Diode will reimburse Joe. *All in attendance reach consensus on this proposal.


What we must pay for:

  1. Rent -
  2. Insurance -
  3. Internet -
  4. Meetup -
  5. Domain Names - $20 a year

What we would like:

  1. Supplies (paper plates, paper, ink)
  2. Bigger Space, Better Space
  3. Lockers for Projects *J will research
  4. New Couch *Joe will work on design and cost
  5. Better Lighting *JJ will research
  6. More Power Tools *Some research on wiki already
  7. More Hand Tools *John is going to do inventory of what we have. Bryan is going to look at what he has.
  8. Bigger, Better 3D Printer
  9. Water Cooler / Better Water *Rick has one we may be able to use.
  10. Full Size Fridge *Joe will look on Craigslist to get an idea of price.
  11. Workshops, Events, Group Projects. *Talk about this next time.


  1. Dues
  2. Sponsorships
  3. Earned Income
  • PrintrBot Class
  • Sell services on Big tools
  • Tool Lending Library
  • Day Passes
  • Classes
  • Make Things to Sell
  • Sell Parts

END: 8:40PM