Agenda: Edit

  • Ground Rules
  • Check in
  • Business:  DMA SIG update
  • Featured Guest:  Bryan 'Angus' - DayCon 3 and Packet Wars
  • Circuit Bending demo and hands on practice

Attendance: Edit

J. Simmons



Bryan 'Angus'

Greg Moran


Jason Sanders

Joe McKibben

Jason McDougald

Gladdy from DMA

Notes: Edit

Start: 7pm

Speaker presentation: Edit

Bryan 'Angus', founder of HacSic, talks about DAYCON 3 and Packet Wars

DAYCON - International hacker conference hosted here in Dayton.  (

Packet wars - (

DMA SIG update Edit

review of meeting on 5 October

Main issue to be resolved is insurance

Search for a home Edit

discussed Front street location, reviewed the spaces available

heard from Donovan about space available off of Keowee across from the community center construction.

Decided to extend the sunset clause (to address meeting location and format) for 2 additional months

Circuit Bending part 2: Edit

Hands on demos - more toys were availble to bend (thanks Joe!)

Jason demonstrated the MIDI set up and connected his circuit-bent "instruments" into his electric synthisizer keyboard