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to organize the search for the Dayton Diode hackerspace location

New page template,

  • Print out the template and take it with you to evaluate the space
  • Then use the page template to create a new candidate location page
  • Name the page something identifiable, like the street address or building name
  • Add a link to the new page in the list below:

Potential Spaces:[]

Sample: location evaluation page

Spaces that have been visited and show promise:

Spaces that have not been visited and show promise:

  • n/a

Spaces that have been visited and have challenges:

Other spaces:

Spaces with no pages in the wiki:

  • 832 Ludlow St - just S of 35
  • Corner of Ludlow and Court St
  • 110 W thrid St - near St Claire
  • Corner of Main and Lincoln