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  • Ground Rules
  • Check-In
  • 5 Minutes of Fame
  • Business: DMA Sigification
  • Circuit Bending Presentation and Workshop


J. Simmons

Jason McDougald

Ron Love

Joe McKibben

David (didn't get last name)

Greg Moran

Gary Turner

Dean Shrickel

Jason Sanders

Joe Rowland


Start: 7:00PM

Five Minutes of Fame[]

Greg Moran; Hacked Single Use Digital Video Camera for Use in Model Rocket.

Business: Dayton Diode becoming SIG of the DMA[]

Primary Stipulations:

  • We must have a DMA member act as our sponsor to the DMA.
  • As a SIG of the DMA we must abide bDMA's by-laws.
  • We must never endanger DMA's 501c3 status.
  • If SIG was to disband all remaining funds go to the DMA.

Rights of SIG:

  • Funds collected by SIG are for the SIG's use.
  • Use of DMA audio/visual equipment for official SIG business.

Process of Becoming SIG:

  1. Fill out DMA SIG Charter
  2. DMA member presents our SIG to the board
  3. Board members approve
  4. Done!

Other Notes:

  • Not all members of Dayton Diode have to be members of the DMA.
  • SIGs are under DMA's insurance policy. Although the nature of the hackerspace may change the DMA's insurance policy. In that case a special financial arrangement may need to be implemented.
  • SIG organization is up to the SIG.

Special Considerations:

Special conditions may need to be added to our SIG charter. To insure that if in the future we decide to incorporate as an independent non-profit we have the ability to bring our funds raised with us.


All in attendance agreed that becoming a SIG was the way to go. J. Simmons, Joe McKibben, and Ron Love volunteered to act as liasons in this process.


Next Month[]

Revisit our decisions on time and place of meeting. Also, consider completely splitting our meetings into two. One Business, One Hack/Project.

End: 8:04

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