Agenda: Edit

  • Ground Rules
  • Check-In
  • 5 Minutes of Fame
  • Business: DMA Sigification
  • Circuit Bending Presentation and Workshop

Attendance: Edit

J. Simmons

Jason McDougald

Ron Love

Joe McKibben

David (didn't get last name)

Greg Moran

Gary Turner

Dean Shrickel

Jason Sanders

Joe Rowland

Notes: Edit

Start: 7:00PM

Five Minutes of Fame Edit

Greg Moran; Hacked Single Use Digital Video Camera for Use in Model Rocket.

Business: Dayton Diode becoming SIG of the DMA Edit

Primary Stipulations:

  • We must have a DMA member act as our sponsor to the DMA.
  • As a SIG of the DMA we must abide bDMA's by-laws.
  • We must never endanger DMA's 501c3 status.
  • If SIG was to disband all remaining funds go to the DMA.

Rights of SIG:

  • Funds collected by SIG are for the SIG's use.
  • Use of DMA audio/visual equipment for official SIG business.

Process of Becoming SIG:

  1. Fill out DMA SIG Charter
  2. DMA member presents our SIG to the board
  3. Board members approve
  4. Done!

Other Notes:

  • Not all members of Dayton Diode have to be members of the DMA.
  • SIGs are under DMA's insurance policy. Although the nature of the hackerspace may change the DMA's insurance policy. In that case a special financial arrangement may need to be implemented.
  • SIG organization is up to the SIG.

Special Considerations:

Special conditions may need to be added to our SIG charter. To insure that if in the future we decide to incorporate as an independent non-profit we have the ability to bring our funds raised with us.


All in attendance agreed that becoming a SIG was the way to go. J. Simmons, Joe McKibben, and Ron Love volunteered to act as liasons in this process.


Next Month Edit

Revisit our decisions on time and place of meeting. Also, consider completely splitting our meetings into two. One Business, One Hack/Project.

End: 8:04

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