Meeting Agenda: September 1, 2009 Edit

6:30-7:00 = Social Time/Meet and GreetEdit

7:00-7:20 = Meeting OpeningEdit

  1. Review Ground Rules
  2. Check-in
  3. Five Min of Fame

7:20-8:00 = BusinessEdit

  1. Discussion on becoming a DMA SIG (see info and discussion on google groups for background)

8:00-9:00 = Hack Time / Study Group / WorkshopEdit

  1. Basic Circut Bending Work Shop with Jason Sanders (Robot X5 of Oxymoronatron)
    1. Presentation on basic bending.
      • Circut bending demo
      • How to locate bends
      • Tips and tricks
    2. Hands on workshop
      • Bring in some items to bend, or use some of the ones we bring.
      • Some tools will be on hand. you may want to bring your own too.

Food & Beverages : Edit

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