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J. Simmons

Dean Shrickel

Joe McKibben


Ronald Love

Jason McDougald

Grant Root

Gary Turner

Greg Moran

Founding Members:

Joe McKibben

J. Simmons

Greg Moran

Start: 7:00PM

Treasury Report:

Currently have $775 in account

Insurance Update:

Five Insurance Providers were contacted

Three Responded

One wasn't looking for new customers

One didn't send an appropriate quote

Gem City was the most responsive

Gem City Details

Just DMA coverage $1855 a year

includes $1M Liability and $1M D&O

with Dayton Diode $3233 a year

Diode's portion $1378 a year

includes $2M Liability and $2M Umbrella

This is good for 60 days but figures aren't exact until we fill a real application with our exact figures

The three founding members in attendance reached consensus on the decision to move forward with Gem City Insurance with the stipulation to readdress in February

Space Search Team:

Estimating $175 in monthly expenses before renting a space. This figure includes internet and insurance costs.

What are the most important factors in our space search:

Utilities - 6

Heat/AC - 6

Bathrooms - 4

Kitchen - 1

Parking - 4

24/7 Access - 4

Partitionable - 0

Centrally Located - 2

High Ceilings - 0

Big Doors - 0

Volunteers for Space search team:

Joe McKibben

J. Simmons

Ronald Love

END: 8:04

Pictures from September meeting:

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IMG 4095small
IMG 4098small
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